Pick 3 straight pair system

Pick 3 straight pair system

                                            Pick 3 Straight pair system

Take your closing hit and get the whole sum.  Once you get the sum, it turns into your entrance pair, now opposite the similar pair, providing you with 2 entrance straight pairs to play.  If your sum is a unmarried digit, position a nil in entrance of the sum digit now providing you with a pair, then opposite it. ADD Zero-Nine  in your favourite pair and play for a couple of days to a wk.  Straight must fall. It might paintings higher than some states that others. Back check your state first, if it does not paintings , check out a unique state if conceivable.  Seems to paintings higher @ the primary of the month. This is only a software, not anything is assured. 



NC March 2018

March 1st 160 fell=7….07x…70x….march ninth 709 fell 

March 1st 261 fell=Nine….09x…90x….march 2d 095 fell, March sixth 900 fell


SC March 2d 374 fell=14x…41x…March 10th 142 fell

     March third 664 fell= 16x…61x…March seventh 611 fell


NY March 1st 789 fell=24x…42x…March sixth 249 fell

      March third 018 fell=09x..90x..March 12th 909 fell


NM March 1st  802 fell= 10x…01x..March eighth 107 fell

      March 4th  074 fell=11x………..March 12th 111 fell

      March 4th  953 fell=17x….71x..March 10th 176 fell

Updated: March 26, 2018 — 2:02 am

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