PCSO 6/58 ULTRALOTTO RESULT 5-13-2018, You Win 100+M!

PCSO 6/58 ULTRALOTTO RESULT Five-13-2018, You Win 100+M!

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Latest 6/58 lotto outcome May 13, 2018 (Will be up to date come Sunday 9pm)
Previous UltraLotto Approximate Jackpot Prize: 99 Million Pesos
Tonight’s 6/58 Lotto Jackpot Prize: P
Ultra Lotto 6/58 Jackpot Winners:

Results for the former 30 attracts can also be checked on the 6/58 lotto outcome historical past phase.

PCSO 6/58 lotto outcome Five/13/2018 and Prizes:

If your price tag has You win
6 out of 6 numbers Php 100 M (Est. Jackpot)
Five out of 6 numbers Up to Php 280,00zero.00
four out of 6 numbers Up to Php three,800.00
three out of 6 numbers Php 20.00
Note: These are the newest 6/58 lotto effects and jackpot prize for May 13, 2018…

Caveat: We strongly recommendation that you simply first check with PCSO’s up to date prize payout desk sooner than claiming your prizes. The prizes displayed in this web page can also be other from the true quantity that PCSO licensed outlet will give to the winners of as of late’s attracts.

Once once more, the 6/58 lotto effects/successful numbers are as follows…

PCSO 6/58 lotto outcome Five/13/2018 (Sunday):


(Particular order no longer vital)

These are the lotto subjects discovered in this web page: ‘6/58 jackpot as of late’ – ‘prizes for lotto’ -Best of Luck!

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