Paper-jammed lottery ticket turns out to be $22,000 winner for Kansas couple

Paper-jammed lottery ticket turns out to be $22,00zero winner for Kansas couple

TONGANOXIE, Ks. — A paper-jammed Kansas Lottery ticket became out to be fortunate for a couple from Tonganoxie, Kansas.

Michael and Virginia Owens will be celebrating their 43rd anniversary in taste subsequent month after profitable $22,00zero taking part in 2by2 with the Kansas Lottery. The couple matched each pink balls (11 and 18) and each White balls (07 and 23) to win the highest prize.

“We play 2by2 almost every day. It’s a lot of fun,” mentioned Virginia Owens. “We had a free ticket winner, so we went to the store to get a new ticket, and when they went to print the new one, the machine jammed up and crinkled the ticket up.”

“The clerk made the comment that tickets that don’t print right are lucky,” mentioned Michael Owens. “Turns out they knew what they were talking about!”

Virginia Owens did not test the ticket till she was once out grocery buying groceries the next day to come.

“I went to the store, and before I started shopping, I thought I would check my tickets. When I checked my ticket, the machine said to take it to the clerk. I just assumed because it was wrinkled up, that it wasn’t scanning right,” she mentioned.

When the clerk checked the ticket, a declare shape got here out, and that is the reason when she knew she had a large win.

“I was so excited, I went straight home and forgot to get the groceries,” she mentioned.

The couple does not know what they are going to do with their winnings simply but.

“We have two kids and five grandchildren, so I’m sure we’ll figure something out,” mentioned Michael Owens. “Plus I have some vacation time coming up anyway, so we might take a little trip as well.”

The profitable ticket was once bought at Brothers Market at 319 Ridge Street in Tonganoxie.

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Updated: June 30, 2018 — 5:53 pm

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