P3-The Sliding Mirror | Lottery Post

P3-The Sliding Mirror | Lottery Post

Can It Be As Easy as 123? Disapprove Probably now not however howdy,let’s give it a shot.

This “system” would possibly or won’t lend a hand however after some backtesting, it perceived to paintings beautiful neatly all through the states.

First off I wish to provide you with a warning that the program will give you 123 numbers. Yes, that is so much. But is it actually? Isn’t it higher than a 1,000? I believe so. That’s 877 much less numbers to need to care for or believe. IF it really works to your state, this is


Who’s up for somewhat trying out? (I pay attention your groans 🙂

But if you happen to had somewhat spare time and wish to give it a shot…right here is going…..


Take one in every of your remaining Pick three drawings that has three unrivaled numbers. Mid OR Eve

Now MIRROR them. Here is somewhat reminder for beginners.













So let’s assume your remaining draw was once 729.

First,let’s replicate it…..274

Now fit up the two,7 and four with the sliding “range” of numbers underneath.



zero = 547 to 587

1 = 658 to 698

2 = 769 to 709

three = 870 to 810

Four = 981 to 921

five = 092 to 032

6 = 103 to 143

7 = 214 to 254

eight = 325 to 365

nine = 436 to 476



2 = 769 to 709

Four = 981 to 921

7 = 214 to 254

These will be the numbers to believe for the following 2-Four weeks.

There are 41 numbers in each and every set so,odds once more,are 1/123.

A directly will have to fall from this sort of units (palms crossed,lol) inside per week or so.


Let me know if this works to your state and the way lengthy it took for a directly to hit if you happen to check it out 🙂


Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!

Updated: November 30, 2019 — 4:28 am

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