Non-Mathematical tracking charts – Part 4

Non-Mathematical tracking charts – Part 4

Non-Mathematical Tracking Chart – Part 4

I have been requested to give a Follower Group instance the usage of the Gap String, which, by way of the best way, is dynamic, versus the V-String, which is non-dynamic.

First factor I wish to do is to supply private critiques on some stuff being mentioned in more than a few LP posts.

 1. I’ve to query the sanity of somebody who actually believes that the lottery ball machines and computer systems are ‘self-mindful’ and are conspiring to attenuate lottery prize payouts.
I’ve watched loads of are living lottery drawings and feature by no means observed any proof suggesting the lottery balls are alive, know their historical past and are in a position to keep in touch with every different.

2. That the one strategy to win a lottery prize is to use more than a few mathematical formulae in accordance with odds, likelihood and alertness of statistics.


People having a greater seize of the English language may just say it higher than I, however, my opinion is that you just do not want any roughly school level or be a rocket scientist to effectively analyze lottery recreation historical past.
All you actually want is the psychological talent to guage knowledge and draw sensible conclusions relating to imaginable long run results.

The following is precise knowledge from my Texas Daily 4 Eve Alpha Doubles tracking charts.

G…………344122121 (the closing 4 unmarked Gaps are 3421)

The closing Gap is ‘1’

Therefore, the solution to the What’s Next questions are present in Follower Group 1.

S2 – 6534654433567754
F1 – 3213322212334322
S3 – 9866787655680097


S2 = Sum2 = the full received by way of including the closing two numbers within the F1 line.
S3 = Sum3 = the full received by way of including the closing 3 numbers within the F1 line.
S4 = Sum4  = the full received by way of including the closing 4 numbers within the F1 line.
S5 = Sum5 = the full received by way of including the closing 4 numbers within the F1 line.

The strains have 16 entries
Standing by myself strains are known as External Followers.
Followers inside of an EF are known as Internal Followers.


S2 – 3456 
F1 – 1234
S3 – 5678

The fans for 4 within the S2 line are 643
The fans for two within the F1 line are 122132
The fans for 7 within the S3 line are 86

Whats the Next F1 quantity (1,2,three, or 4)??
Alpha Double Substitutes.
1 = A; 2 = B; three = C; 4 = R.

My initial GUESS is the Next F1 may well be ‘1’ in accordance with the fans for 2.
Reading the S2 line Right to Left, 457654
The ‘1’ within the F1 corresponds to three within the S2 line.
Thus, including the ‘three’ yields 4576543.
Pretty just right TREND!!!!

I will arrange an array the usage of S4 and S5.

S4 – 3199990977892321
F1 – 3213322212334322
S5 – 7522211209013554

S4 – 8901
F1 – 1234
S5 – 2345

The ‘1’ within the F1 line yields a ‘2’ within the S5 line.
Thus, studying proper to left, 12,14,15,15,13

No reason why to switch my preliminary GUESS.

Therefore, if the following F1 is ‘1’, the following Gap quantity needs to be  ‘1’
If the following Gap quantity is ‘1’,  the NEXT  Alpha Double may well be ‘AA’

I by no means mentioned it might be simple!!!

I expected after I determined to start out those displays that I might get very little comments.
I have carried out this prior to and I am not shocked by way of the plain loss of hobby.

Seems as regards to everybody that involves LP is searching for simple solutions.
Sorry, I wouldn’t have any.

Being a gadget’s participant and successful a lottery prize is a problem.
It’s like the whole lot else in existence – you get what you earn.

Thanks to your hobby.

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