Non-mathematical tracking charts – Part 3

Non-mathematical tracking charts – Part 3

Non-Mathematical Tracking Charts, Part 3

A lottery gambler, for my part, has to just accept sure realities.
Yes, the output of a lottery ball device is decided via a random procedure.
When considered over a time frame, it is glaring that the day-to-day drawing outputs are in movement, so that you could talk.
If this weren’t true, there could be substantial repetition.
The reliable lottery say it is essential to check their draw machines and habits pre-checks. It’s a ruse in an try to disrupt sport drawing research.
Point is, I’m most effective within the ultimate and reliable permutation.  Everything else is  ‘background noise’ that may be disregarded.
There are many probabilities in a pick out four sport.
The very first thing I wish to know is what the following Alpha Double may well be.
The solution is located within the Alpha Doubles Tracking Chart.

I’ve a decision = continue the usage of the Gap String or the Value String.
I select the Value String.
Referring to the Value tracking chart:
The substitutes are: 1/A, 2/B, 3/C, four/R


The final V is 2. Therefore, the solution I am on the lookout for is in Follower Group 2.

S2 – 5555543553555632
F2 – 3232312321414211
S3 – 6787866676769774

The 3 traces have a reputation – External Followers
The fans inside each and every line are name Internal Followers.
The final digit in S2 is 2. There aren’t any inside fans.
The final digit in F2 is 1. The Internal fans are ‘244’.
The final digit in S3 is four. There aren’t any inside fans.

What are the probabilities?

Extending the F2 line and resolve the S line totals.


S2 – 3456
F2 – 1234
S3 – 5678

Applying  my mind and revel in in accomplishing lottery research. I CHOOSE the four within the S2 line.
The four corresponds to F2.
According to the unreal code, the ‘2’ is a ‘B’
The subsequent Alpha Double may well be ‘BB’
I’d then upload one A and one C.
Thus the whole Alpha Signature is ABBC.

Now I wish to CHOOSE the four digits I consider have the most efficient probability of being within the subsequent successful permutation.


G – …..133223 
# – …..231312
V – …..231312

The final V is 2. Therefore, the following A digit is located in Follower Group 2.

S2 – 2222223322223335
F2 – 1111112111112123
S3 – 4333334443334456

Extensions yields:

S2 – 345
F2 – 123
S3 – 678

There aren’t any Internal Followers.

Note: I see the start of a metamorphosis within the TRENDS.
I am considering that the following S2 might be a four, which corresponds to F2 which is lottery digit ‘2’

But wait!!

New F2 chart the usage of Sums four and five.

S4 – 5554444555545568
F2 – 1111111211112123
S5 – 8666555666666679


S4 – 789
F2 – 123
S5 – 901

Note. The 1 in totals of 10 or extra is discarded.
The alternate within the TREND is extra obvious.

I CHOOSE the ‘zero’ within the S5 line which corresponds to F2, which means the following A digit is a ‘2’.

I wish to CHOOSE two B digits.

V ……23333
The final V is a 3. Therefore, Follower Group 3 is analyzed.

S2 – 3246665553245566
F3 – 1133333321132333
S3 – 5457948876456889

The Internal Followers for six within the S2 line are 6656
The Internal Followers for 3 within the F3 line are 33332233
The Internal Followers for nine within the S3 line is four

S2 – 456
F3 – 123
S3 – 012

I consider the following F3 might be 2, which is digit five.

After making brief updates, the final V is now a 2.

Follower Group 2

S2 – 6544341222414356
F2 – 3222131111331233
S3 – 9876565533577668

The IF for the 6 in S2 is five
The IF for the 3 in F2 are 21313
The IF for eight in S3 is  7


S2 – 456
F2 – 123
S3 – 678

Note. I’ve already used F2 Digit five, so the two on this array can also be deleted, until I am opting for to play a Double Lottery Digit, which I am not.

My CHOICE this is F1 which yields Digit four.
Thus my Double B alternatives are five and four.

Now, I would like one C digit.

Main C

V …….33331

The final V is 1. Therefore, the digit I am on the lookout for is in Follower Group 1.

S2 – 4454465555667557
F1 – 2231332323334143
S3 – 5676778878890898

The If for the 7 in S2 is five
The IF for the 3 in F1 are 1322334
The IF for the eight in S3 are 87899


S2 – 4567
F1 – 1234
S3 – 8901

I CHOOSE THE 6 in line S2 which corresponds to F3 which is Digit nine

Thus, my digit alternatives for Alpha Signature ABBC are 2549.

I’d play this permutation each tactics at a value of $2.
I hope my GUESSWORK will fit the lottery device output.
If so, a Straight fit can pay $five,000.
A Box fit can pay $200.

The fact is that I’ve determined not to use the Alpha Double arrays.
Instead, I take advantage of fastened Alpha Signatures that I’ve evolved over the years.
These are:


My performs for the 0618 Eve drawing are:


As I’ve said this exercise does now not use any roughly mathematical projections.
No odds, no possibilities, no statistics, no VTRACs, no roots or different math-primarily based concepts.

I lay out the knowledge arrays in line with a plan.
I then overview the Strings and select the digits I feel have the most efficient probability of successful.

I then use the successful permutation to replace the knowledge arrays.
I then make a decision what digits to play for the following drawing.
I am assured that I’m going to have an excellent fit and upload $5200 to the $7900 I have already gained the usage of
this lottery research means.
I posted the price ticket for the final $5200 win.

Regarding the S4 and S5 traces.
I convey this information into account when there aren’t any simple or glaring alternatives with S2 and S3.
This does not occur very ceaselessly. I simply have them as backups.

There are a number of imaginable tracking charts that might strengthen a math-primarily based means, however I’ve rejected them. The knowledge is ‘great to understand’ however has no helpful objective.

Try as I’ve, I have been not able to increase an efficient means for opting for Lottery Digit doubles, triples and Quads.
I’ve some concepts however I am not going to provide them right here.
Face it, we will’t win all of them.
A permutation having a double digit method an automated loss.
Comes with playing.

Although I am assured that skilled lottery sport analyzers have adopted this presentation, there are certainly questions.
I am not in a position to absolute best paintings, so, I am certain there is usually a mistake, a typo.

I’m going to give the most efficient responses that I will be able to, however I may not repeat myself.
I feel I have introduced and defined how a substitution exercise can be utilized to select digits for play.
I notice that is all moderately new. It’s now not difficult however calls for a large number of effort and time.

Thanks to your hobby.

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