Non-Mathematical Tracking Chart – Part 2

Non-Mathematical Tracking Chart – Part 2

The data I am about to present helps my competition that exercises the use of the ability of substitution are awesome to math-based totally methods.
I am assuming that the individuals who could be keen on what I’ve to mention are skilled lottery avid gamers. Therefore, I may not have to present detailed explanations around the board.
Folks who’ve very little revel in in examining lottery recreation historical past will simply have to take a seat tight.
I plan on being as transient as imaginable.
I’ll use the monitoring charts I’ve for Texas Daily four Eve best day-to-day numbers recreation.
FYI Texas has 4 drawings in line with day.
Draw effects for the Morning, Day and Night Daily four drawings are neglected.

Basic data on substitutes.

The Daily four recreation is split into three portions: Main A, B and C.
Each section has two main knowledge streams = Gaps (G) for a dynamic string, Values (V) for a non-dynamic string.
You get two exercises for the cost of one, with the intention to talk.
The strings aren’t interchangeable.

Main A – lottery digits 1, 2 and three
Main B – lottery digits four, five and 6.
Main C – lottery digits 7, eight, nine and zero.

Lottery digit substitutes.
1 is at all times 1A and V1
2 is at all times 2A and V2
three is at all times 3A and V3
A stand by myself ‘A’ could be a 1, 2, or three.
A, AA, AAA, AAAA are imaginable.
four is at all times 4B and V1
five is at all times 5B and V2
6 is at all times 6B and V3
A stand by myself ‘B’ may also be four, five or 6.
B, BB, BBB, BBBB are imaginable.
7 is at all times 1C and V1
eight is at all times 2C and V2
nine is at all times 3C and V3
zero is at all times 4C and V4
A stand by myself ‘C’ could be a 7, eight, nine or zero
C, CC, CCC, CCCC are imaginable.

There are three Gap numbers in Main A and B, 4 Gap numbers in Main C.
Gaps are generated by means of counting the selection of unmarked cells between an merchandise added to a knowledge string and the similar merchandise already within the string.
When counted, the unique cellular is marked off. This manner there’ll by no means been greater than three or four unmarked cells on the finish of a string.
The marked  off cells stay within the string.
In this exercise, the lottery balls/digits are ‘dumb as filth’. They may also be observed as cubes or blocks of picket which are organized and rearranged in accordance explicit laws of process.

There is one primary DATA BASE which is the supply record supporting Gap and Value monitoring charts.

The DATA Base is used to document consecutive drawings consistent with a prescribed plan.

a         b         c          d        e   f
0614  5693  BBCA  1210  B  –
0615  1942  ACBA  2110  A  –
0616  6976  BCCB  0220  B  6

a = draw date.
b = Winning Permutation (aka Straight)
c = Alpha Equivalent (aka Alpha Signature)
d = Numerical Equivalent (aka Box)
e = Alpha Double
f =  Lottery Digit Double.

There are 10,000 variations
Most of the Alpha Signatures  will include one repeat letter  (ie BBCA)
Some signatures could have two repeat letters (ie BCBC)
Some signatures could have 3 or 4 repeat letters  (AAAC) (BBBB)
Some signature may not have any repeat letters (ABCR) (Remember that digit 0 is at all times an R)

Numerical signatures are generated by means of counting the letters in an Alpha Signature.
For example, BBCA has one A, two Bs,  one C and no Rs.
Thus, the Numerical Signature for BBCA is 1210; ACBA is 2110, BCCB is 0220.
Others, RBBA is 1201, CAAA is 3010, BARC is 1111, BBAB is 1300, AAAA is 4000.

Column e
The rule is to turn just one  repeat letter.
The BCCB has two repeat letters however best the preliminary repeat, letter ‘B’ is logged as a double. The double C is neglected.
An Alpha Signatures having 3 or 4 letters (BCCC) (AAAA) are regarded as to be Doubles.

Column f
Used to log lottery digit doubles, triples and Quads.
For example, the double 6 in 6976 is logged as a ‘6’; 6996, the 6 is positioned in Col F, the nine within the adjoining column.

The above must be regimen stuff for individuals who observe lottery effects.
I am positive there are some ‘why’ questions, however the ones do not want to be addressed at this level.
My present Data Base was once initiated on Nov. 20, 2017.
There aren’t any statistical lists or charts that document how time and again explicit Alpha and Numerical Signatures have arrived for the research length.
However, I’ve recognized 3 explicit signatures that I take advantage of when establishing variations for play. More in this later.

Substitutes – A/V1, B/V2, C/V3.R/V4.
Page 1


This knowledge will line up correctly when recorded on graph paper.
These pieces are often referred to as FOLLOWERS

Page 2
Gaps and Followers


Follower Group 1

S2 – 6534654433367754
F1 – 3213322212334322
S3 – 9864787655680097

Follower Group 2

S2 – 4356535874454663
F2 – 1233214431322421
S3 – 3668817918767887

Follower Group three

S2 – 6443365356457458
F3 – 2221241233143144
S3 – 8865577768788889

Follower Group four

S2 – 5533566546645675
F4 – 3212333224223341
S3 – 7765689878887808

Page three
Values and Followers

Follower Group 1

S2 – 5664245555666544
F1 – 3331132323333222
S3 – 7897556878899876

Follower Group 2

S2 – 5555543553555632
F2 – 3232312321414211
S3 – 6787866676769774

Follower Group three

S2 – 4433255357523553
F3 – 3121141234112321
S3 – 6787866676769774

Follower Group four

S2 – 653356
F4 – 321233
S3 – 786568

Each Follower Group is restricted to 16 consecutive knowledge cells. 
When new knowledge is added on the End of a Line,Cell 16)  the ultimate cellular (cellular 1) is erased.

S2 = Sum 2 generated by means of giving existence to the Followers and including their face price.
Add ultimate two Followers
S3 = Sum three generated by means of giving existence to the Followers and including their face price.
Add the ultimate three Followers
The Sums display TRENDS that aren’t very transparent within the Follower strings.

I had was hoping to try this presentation in one publish, however I feel I’m going to use a separate publish to turn how the knowledge is used to build
a permutation able for play.
I am not laptop literate, so, there is also errors.

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