Most divine lottery system | Lottery Post

Most divine lottery system | Lottery Post

anounced on this thread
and now detailed here-

glance how random the entirety in nature is..glance how random all of us r.. faces, our bodies, shapes, languages, thin, fatty….however glance how proportionately issues exchange…
we discover divine share zero.618 in the entirety no mater how random it’s!!! da divine share is in the entirety that adjustments…in each human body—skinny,fatty,tall,quick,darkish,blond,yellow,purple,white,brown,black….
da lottory is random.. sum sez its probably the most random factor on earth cos we by no means win…unsuitable!!! we win however now not at all times, righty proper??
da lotery numbers will have to exchange proportionately 2…like guy does…discovering right here und there da divine share..liky between 4arm and full arm, between legs and so forth.

an heres da maximum divine system four pick3,four loto
we want da closing pick3 no…eg new yok pick3 miday 102…we play mid to mid, eve to eve as da states vary alot
so da nest mid the big apple pick out three we play 2 units made via da divine share — divide and multiply via zero.618
102xzero.618=630 pick3 set to play subsequent (best da first three digs; check out four digs for pick4 6303 however do it from a pick4 closing draw)
102/zero.618=165 pick3 set to play subsequent (best da first three digs; check out four digs for pick4 1650)
00zero at all times offers 00zero .it repeats every so often..dangle in there…

u noticed al the ones “lottory bibles” based on nuthin..da divine share is in keeping with sumthin REAL
every1 right here can do it on paper however aint handy; eg write hundreds of strains liky
00zero -> 00zero
zero01 -> 061 161
002 -> 123 323
999 -> 617 161
its really easy enit?

in fact da masters of spreadsheets right here kan make this system a lot more uncomplicated…i do know a excellent unfold guy liky rainman69er hates me 2 a lot now he wont do a factor aside from vote 1 big name four me lol
raven69er is excellent recreation and he kan make his spresheet four his system and percentage it with all.. and sez da raven nevermore…
in fact windsum is da grasp of lottory spreadsheets.. who is aware of what he comes up with…

u kould make this system ar some distance higher at successful…glance again what number of mis it had… if it overlooked 161 (1618 pick4) attracts ur possibilities r grande..
its realy simple u glance again at da closing draw and multiply divide via zero.618 and spot if it hit da subsequent draw..glance again at da previous draw and do da similar…and so forth goin again 1 draw at a time…
spreadsheets will do higher und sooner, righty windsum?

this system does have a actual basis unliky all the ones lotery bibles lol

Updated: June 15, 2018 — 9:34 pm

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