Mississippi residents line up to purchase lottery tickets in state for first time

Mississippi residents line up to purchase lottery tickets in state for first time

Scores of Mississippi residents made their approach to comfort shops as early as five a.m. Monday because the state’s first lottery tickets went on sale in over 1,000 places.

It is the first time Mississippi residents wouldn’t have to depart the state to purchase lottery tickets anymore. And to mark the ancient day, the Mississippi Lottery Corporation took to social media to ask residents to put up an image in their purchase.

“Mississippians will no longer have to cross into neighboring states to participate in these drawing-style games,” stated Tom Shaheen, president of the Mississippi Lottery Corporation. “They will soon have the opportunity for a chance to play big jackpot games four times per week, as well as many secondary prizes.”

Prospective lottery avid gamers who need to to find the nearest Mississippi Lottery outlets to purchase tickets can use the loose  Lottery Places  app (www.lotteryplaces.com). Lottery Places is the one app to be had that may find lottery outlets in each state and jurisdiction during the United States. It additionally unearths lottery outlets in Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, and far of the Caribbean.

Lottery Places can pinpoint any of the just about 1,200 lottery outlets already licensed for promoting Mississippi Lottery tickets.

However, for many years Mississippi used to be one in every of simplest six states and not using a lottery due to sturdy opposition from politically robust church buildings.

Last 12 months, that formally modified.

In 2018, lawmakers approved a lottery because the state used to be compelled to shut masses of unsafe bridges. The Mississippi Lottery Corporation used to be established below the Alyce G. Clarke Mississippi Lottery Law.

Proceeds from the sale of every price ticket will move towards the state’s infrastructure and schooling. The first $80 million a 12 months from lottery earnings will move to the State Highway Fund, which is able to restore, renovate and take care of highways and bridges of the state, in accordance to the company.

The relaxation can be despatched to the Education Enhancement Fund, which is helping fund pre-k and the school room provide fund.

“There are some people for some reason who say they are Christians and they don’t believe in the lottery but the thing about that, that really got to me was when you get to having the Powerball and any of the others where you’re going to get to having the big money, if you go to your neighboring states, Louisiana, Tennessee or anywhere across the bridge most of the cars over there guess what tags they have on them, Mississippi,” Rep. Alyce Clarke of Jackson informed WJTV.

Mississippi is now amongst 44 different states to have a lottery.

The company used to be counting down the times main up to the ancient day on social media, telling residents to “get ready for fun.”

While having a laugh themselves at the social media platform, the company additionally made certain to remind residents to play responsibly.

Mega Millions and Powerball tickets will move on sale in the state in January.


Updated: November 25, 2019 — 8:18 pm

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