Match and Mirror number strategy

Match and Mirror number strategy

This strategy can be utilized in several techniques for pick out three video games. 

For to create one or two  Singles, Doubles, Triples and Pairs.

Once you create your new number or pair , its as much as you to come to a decision to stay the only or two numbers to play for as much as 10 days in line with your homework like Workouts, Lottery Bible, Vtracs and so on…

The following examples must provide an explanation for it self additionally with the title of this strategy. You are matching two numbers and mirroring the 3rd digit.

Only for making a unmarried or a couple you’ll unmatch a Double to create a number And for the remainder is solely fit and reflect.

instance:225-252-522 =120 and 320 growing one or two singles your selection

instance:zero17-071-107-170-710-701 =112 and 002 growing one or two doubles your selection


I can be the use of California for instance. 


On August 16, 211 got here out changing to 710  and 712

On August 17, 170 got here out field win 



On July 31, 091 got here out changing to 006 and 996

On August 6, 060 got here out field


Doubles growing Doubles:

On August 13, 227 got here out growing 112 and 332

On August 16, 211 got here out field win



On June nine, 061 got here out changing to 111

On June 15, 111 got here out 

I made this prediction on my California pick out three discussion board I noticed number patterns for a triple to come back out quickly, then when 061 got here out i modified my triple to 111.

Also Doubles growing Triples or Doubles to Triples


111=226 006


Single growing a couple:

On August eight, 870 got here out changing to 885

On August 11, 85zero got here out


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