Lottery winner survives helicopter crash

Lottery winner survives helicopter crash

A North Carolina lottery winner is fortunate to be alive after his helicopter crashed and stuck fireplace proper on his entrance garden.

Back in October, Timothy Kniess’ spouse received the lottery 100 thousand bucks on a scratch off price tag.

Luck was once without a doubt on their aspect once more these days when he was once in a position to flee the crash with only a few scratches.

Neighbors were not shocked by means of the crash. They say they watched Kniess try to fly his Mosquito XE helicopter for weeks, simply looking forward to all of it to head flawed.

“Is today the day? I came home and the neighborhood was blocked off and today was the day, it went down,” stated neighbor John Aubery. 

North Carolina State Highway Patrol and different regulation enforcement companies replied to the crash Wednesday morning, discovering the helicopter on fireplace and Kniess staring at his helicopter soften away.

“He was able to crawl away from the crash before it was engulfed in flames,” stated NCSHP Trooper Jeffrey Swagger.

The Federal Aviation Administration says Kniess was once making an attempt to hover when the helicopter’s tail rotor were given stuck on a tree department and the airplane flew out of keep an eye on.

“Man bought a helicopter, he woke up one day and said ‘today’s the day, I identify as a pilot, bought a helicopter.’ Hell I can’t tell a man what to do in his own property,” Aubery stated. 

The FAA says investigators will likely be taking a look into the pilot’s certification. State Highway Patrol tells FOX 46 Kniess wasn’t skilled and we could not in finding any certifications underneath his title.

“Oh I knew it was going down. you don’t see someone bouncing a helicopter around their yard like that, oh man this guy isn’t going to make it,” stated Aubery.

Many simply can not consider Kniess’ good fortune.

“The pilot was very fortunate that he didn’t receive more injuries than he did,” Trooper Swagger stated.

“God was watching out for him, that’s all I can say,” stated Aubery.

The National Transportation Safety Board will proceed with the investigation and decide if any citations will likely be issued.

News story photo(Click to show full-size in gallery)

News story photo(Click to show full-size in gallery)

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Updated: May 3, 2018 — 10:17 pm

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