Lottery DNA | Lottery Post

Lottery DNA | Lottery Post

Apparently there’s no such factor as Lottery DNA.  The Internet is stuffed with references to the DN Lottery and the one time the Lottery was once connected to DNA, it was once to resolve the winner of a Jackpot within the Philippines.  The handiest Reference on LP is from dr San aka Jack and a couple of other people that say they don’t have the DNA to perform a little critical wagering.

I sought after to invite if somebody has learn or is aware of about any DNA Based Lottery Programs or Systems are in the market.   

It seamed to me that there may in reality be any such factor as Lottery DNA and that if a System does no longer exist, then it Should. 

I’ve arrange a System in Excel.  Before I proportion a few of my Specific Ideas, I waned to invite for Input from the LP Community first. 


PS.  My DNA Research means that the Next Draw will also be made up our minds by way of taking a look intently on the DNA of the Last Winning Digit.  Very frequently the Next Draw Numbers are 2d Cousins or Closer Relatives of the Last Drawn Numbers.

Updated: March 19, 2018 — 8:57 am

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