Looking for feedback about Lottery Post mobile website

Looking for feedback about Lottery Post mobile website

Hi All,

As lots of you already know, in March we launched a large replace to the Lottery Post mobile website  — the website that you simply see when the use of Lottery Post on a telephone — and now a 2d spherical of updates to it had been finished. 

So now I am having a look forward to long run building, and I might like to include your feedback into what will get applied subsequent.

What further options and/or content material do you want to look at the mobile website sooner or later?  For instance:

  • Is there one thing that might be specifically helpful at the telephone website (versus the desktop website)?
  • Is there one thing in any other app or website you employ to your telephone that you would like to look right here?
  • Is there one thing at the desktop website that you would like to look additionally at the mobile website?  (Why?)
  • Any different tips for the mobile website?

Also, there are some individuals who in particular flip off the mobile website, in order that they just use the desktop website.  If you are such a other people, have you ever attempted the brand new mobile website?  If so, what remains to be lacking?  If you are nonetheless going again to the desktop website, what does the mobile website wish to do otherwise that might make you need to stick there?

This is your probability to make your opinion heard about the use of Lottery Post on a telephone, so do not be shy — but when you do not like one thing please give an explanation for why, and what may well be executed otherwise that you prefer to.

(Please steer clear of anything else non-helpful equivalent to, “I hate using a phone.”)

If you’ll relatively go alongside your feedback privately, you’ll additionally be happy to ship me a PM.

Thanks for your feedback!

Updated: May 23, 2018 — 11:14 pm

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