Immigrant wins the lottery – PlayLottoWorld Blog

Immigrant wins the lottery – PlayLottoWorld Blog

Immigrant wins the lotteryImmigrant wins the lottery, A tender West African immigrant who moved to Canada two years in the past has hit the lottery jackpot – two times.

Melhig Melhig, 28, received two scratch-off video games in the area of 5 months. Total winnings? CAN $three.5m (US $2.7m).

“I want to improve my English and communication. And I want to learn something useful, like carpentry,” Melhig instructed the Western Canada Lottery Corporation when requested what he would do with the cash.

Melhig, who hails from West Africa however didn’t specify the nation, moved to Winnipeg two years in the past.

In April, he purchased a price ticket and received $1.5m. Last month, he purchased some other price ticket – and received some other $2m.

With his first payout, he purchased a brand new house for his spouse and kids. With the 2d providence, he hopes to shop for a industry – possibly a automobile wash or a fuel station, he says – and “go to school.”

Melhig had a one in 900 000 probability of successful the first time, in step with lottery officers. The 2d time, his odds have been one in 1.three million.

So what are the possibilities of any individual successful two primary jackpots in this type of brief time period? Difficult to calculate, the Western Canada Lottery Corporation says.

Lottery officers say the whole thing about his dual wins is authentic.

How did Melhig Manage to win two times?

Melhig was once ready to clinch his double victory thru sheer bravery. While maximum winners are glad to name it an afternoon after one winner, the west – African persevered to experience the wave of fine good fortune. They sat that fortune favors the courageous, and that is for sure one if existence’s biggest ever examples.


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Updated: August 20, 2019 — 1:25 pm

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