Igor’s 8 Method – the 8 Game Round

Igor’s 8 Method – the 8 Game Round

8 Games…..39/five=7.8 rounded to 8 Games Gives Every Number the Opportunity to Hit a minimum of 1 Time.

La Igrok posted his Method of Playing Jackpot Games some time again.  He confirmed up with a Book and a Picture of a Very Nice Big Check from the California Lottery for a percentage of a Fantasy five Jack Pot.  Standing on that Pile of Cash, Igor is emphatic that his Method is the ONLY WAY that this Lottery will also be Won with a Strategy and that All different Systems are in accordance with “Alternative” Math and any Wins outcome from Luck and no longer the System itself.  Absolute Statements, on this case “My Method is the Only Way” will have to at all times be matter to scrutiny.  I’m Not in a position to Drink the Kool Aide, YET, and here’s Why.

I will be able to start by means of Giving Credit and Praise to Igor for being the First to offer the Idea of the 8 Game “Round” and for mentioning an observable expression of the 2/three Rule.  That Rule and Reality, at the End of 8 consecutive video games, third of the numbers (1-39) might not be Drawn.  In the final 409 Games of CA Fantasy five, the Average of the Undrawn is 33.five%.  The High Value is 46.2% and the Low is 17.nine%.  That is a large variation and is the Obstacle that should be triumph over.  Reality right here is this variance makes predicting tough; however, out of 409 Draws, this proportion has been precisely 33.three% in 92 of the ones Games.  Certainly the 7 Game Count is a trademark of Something; however, it Can be deceptive.  Relationships and Tendencies are obvious.  I will be able to have an in depth research of this Relationship Soon.  It is close to the Top of the To Do List. 

I will be able to once more give Credit and Praise to Igor for the 8 Game Round.  When you Look Closely at the sort of rounds, you’ll be able to see Exactly the place the Hits come from as you pass from Game 1 to Game 8.  You can do that with Igor’s use of “Structures”.  These Structures are a five Digit Sequence of 001,002 or 003.  These three Numbers constitute the Current Hit Values after the Test Game is Drawn.  In Effect there are four Groups.  The No Hits, 001=Numbers hitting as soon as, 002=Numbers hitting two times and 003=Numbers hitting three or extra instances in the 8 Game Round.  I’m lovely positive that I’ve this Correct.  By the Way, I’ve exchanged a number of Emails with Igor.  I attempted to make the level that the Basic Concept used to be Elegant (the 8 Game Round) and that it prompt a Storm in my Brain.  Because, I’ve used Groups to trace video games, These New Formations had been like Drugs to an Addict and to be fair, almost definitely the absolute best on the “Market” that I’ve observed or created in my very own Lab.    Every query that I attempted to invite used to be replied with a Statement that the most effective factor you had to know used to be in the Book.  A little bit little bit of background must be addressed right here.  I’ve nice recognize for MrB and High reward and appreciation of Igor’s Idea.  I used to be given the possibility of being in a Group or Company that used to be forming.  That Group it seems that comprises every other LP Members however, I do know not anything about it past that.  The most effective factor I know is this Group is growing some way of automating the Method with a Computer Program and that Igor would possibly have a marginally of Gold Fever from their development.  I assume I’m simply undeniable cussed, my detriment if the Group Begins to hit the Big ones.  Unfortunately, “Read the Book” used to be no longer sufficient of or an excellent resolution for my Storming Brain.  I totally perceive what a Company is, and the Need for everybody to be on the Same Page.  The function is Jackpots.  The Mission Statement is to Use Igor’s Method to try this by means of Automating and Programming the Process.  That focal point eradicated to any extent further Brain Storming and New Ideas.  Read the Book and you are going to be welcome used to be my most effective possibility if I sought after to take part.  I don’t Disagree with the Requirement and understood that it’s acceptance used to be obligatory.  I simply sought after to open a conversation about the Cycle and a few of my idea on it’s use.  The Response used to be…”neither I nor Mark want and wish to get aboard some type of a “loose cannon” as some other spouse of ours. We all have to talk identical language and perceive every different from the first phrase to the final completely as a way to steer clear of even slightest imaginable misconceptions. Apparently this isn’t the case with you. But we two have already got a plan and our personal to do listing and the technique which we are hoping will ultimately lead us to the final good fortune.Therefore  we should not have nether time nor willingness and necessity to by hook or by crook adapt it in your highbrow performances. We are in industry and no longer in circus.”  That pissed me off.  Not as it used to be Wrong; however, as it confirmed me one thing about Igor.  Being unwilling to speak about any fundamentals didn’t Set Well.  It starts to appear to be a Cult or Church with Its personal Bible.  There is No Way however MY WAY is the Mantra that I will not Accept and due to this fact I’m really not in the Group.  The factor that Really pissed me off used to be being brushed aside for asking a couple of questions.  I settle for the Brand, however I’m really not a malcontent.  Expressing admiration and generating an Excel File that confirmed the History of the Structures, I used to be Rebuffed as a result of I used to be maintaining off on purchasing the Book.  I may just no longer even get an acknowledgement that my Structure used to be the Same as Igor’s.  I’m lovely positive that it’s; however, I don’t Care to any extent further.  I’m really not pronouncing that I will be able to no longer purchase the Book.  I simply wish to Brain Storm a bit of extra and I’ll be fair, to find out if there may be Another Way. 

In the coming days, I will be able to have a couple of concepts to run by means of you all.  I will be able to no longer say needless to say if those concepts are similar to Igor’s; however based totally in his statements, I’m almost definitely no longer good sufficient to think about anything else that resembles his way.  That being stated, I’m going to Stay by myself trail.  Any similarities can be natural accident as I’ve been confident by means of Igor, that my Ideas are by no means Similar (he would possibly wish to in reality learn what I despatched as it seems that that he most effective absorbed the Notion that I used to be a Contrarian). 

For Now, I want Igor and Mark and Company good fortune.  I Only hope that they don’t spoil the Game by means of being to a hit.  Could you guys save a couple of video games for the Rest of Us whilst you Crack Open the Game? 

More to Come.

Updated: June 14, 2018 — 2:12 am

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