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Hurley lost numbers

Hurley lost numbers .If you have been as soon as partial to the preferred TV display LOST then you might be surely aware of 6 particular numbers.

four * eight * 15 * 16 * 23 * 42

four * eight * 15 * 16 * 23 * 42

the numbers four, eight, 15, 16, 23, 42 recur all through the six seasons of LOST. They are possibly maximum repeatedly remembered because the numbers that the nature Hurley performs and wins at the Mega Lotto Jackpot a fictional model of the preferred American Mega Millions lottery.

But those numbers seem additional all through the display

Appearances of the Lost Lottery Numbers

it used to be now not merely an auspicious set of lottery numbers those digits gave the impression all through the six seasons of Lost the TV Show, each in combination and for my part. This would possibly appear excessive however enthusiasts of the display is probably not stunned after they consider this collection used to be depicted because the coefficient in an equation that predicted mankind’s extinction.

Here are any other puts the place the numbers confirmed up:

• The collection of numbers used to be the serial code of a hatch for a station at the Island
• The numbers gave the impression in a lighthouse that used to be used to look at sure characters, with every quantity correlating to a selected persona
• Many characters discovered that the numbers introduced them unhealthy good fortune, with some characters even finishing up in an asylum as a result of them
• After profitable the lottery, Hurley rides previous 6 gamers of a ladies’ football workforce within the airport, every uniform has one of the vital Numbers at the again.

  • When Hurley’s automotive breaks down the speedometer studying (in km/h) is going from 16 to 15 to eight to four. The dashboard displayed a temperature of 23 levels Celsius and 42 km at the automotive’s odometer.
    •    One of the characters has 4815162342 as their court docket case quantity
    •    the flight selection of the airplane that crashed onto the island used to be 815.

Try your fortunate quantity and notice the place it’ll get you or why now not check out Hurley lost numbers.






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