Hunting/Trapping at the Top of Stinkers (outliers) System

Hunting/Trapping at the Top of Stinkers (outliers) System

Using TN Midday select three as an instance of an OUTLIER(stinker) 

 Posted for lately’s recreation in TN this used to be an actual time instance of searching/trapping at the best of hellostorical information. 

             There is an 82 day skip on LDR #2 which is a main instance of an OUTLIER stat at the hippy tippy best. 8x instances due. 


 Posted lately eight/6/19 Example

 Wow! How many are simply ready on that LDR #2 to hit Midday? Wink 82 days on Skip?

 There goes to both be a success REAL quickly…or the TN lawyer normal goes to have to analyze once more

 Because a double has now not hit Midday Tn in 10 days that may be the END lately. 


  The oldest sum # 2

  002, 011, 057, 066, 237, 255, 336, 444, 679


   Also…….. x7x has now not hit in like 1,000,000 days. (47 attracts)

If you’ll title it, you’ll in finding it, and if you’ll in finding it,  you’ll observe it,  and if you’ll observe it, you’ll beat it.


Updated: August 6, 2019 — 10:41 pm

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