Happy Birthday U.S. Army | Lottery Post

Happy Birthday U.S. Army | Lottery Post

June 14

Happy 242nd!

US Flag

On a soldier of the month board our Sergeant Major requested, There’s four folks on a element, one every from Army, Navy Air Force and Marines. All have the similar rank, identical time in carrier, identical time in grade, and identical birthday. Who is in rate.”

No one was once positive so no longer getting a solution the Sergeant Major mentioned, “The soldier from the Army since the Army is the mummy carrier.”

One of the fellows mentioned, “I did not know that Sergeant Major, however you might be for sure proper concerning the Army neing a mom.”

Needless to mention, he wasn’t picked.

Those who run the lotteries adore it when gamers search for consistency in one thing that is designed to not have any.


There is one and just one ‘confirmed’ machine, and that’s to e book the motion. No subject the sport, let the gamers pick out their very own losers.

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