Georgia Senate passes bill that would give lottery winners anonymity

Georgia Senate passes bill that would give lottery winners anonymity

A suggestion that would permit Georgia lottery winners to stay nameless took a very powerful step ahead Monday.

The state Senate overwhelmingly handed a bill that permits any Georgian who wins greater than $250,000 in a lottery to stay their title from being disclosed. The bill’s proponents have mentioned 8 states have regulations that permit winners partial or entire anonymity. The regulation now is going to the state House of Representatives.

The lawmakers who drafted Senate Bill 331 mentioned the regulation is vital to protect winners from other people making an attempt scams to thieve some or all of the prize.

“I think it protects our public and I think actually it may enhance the sale of lottery tickets when people know they will not be exposed and have their name put out before the public and make them the victim of a crime,” Sen. Lindsey Tippins, R-Marietta, advised fellow lawmakers in regards to the bill Monday.

The bill’s critics fear this type of regulation would cloud transparency and lift questions on whether or not winners rather received their prize.

“When you make lottery winnings secret, it opens the door to shenanigans,” Georgia First Amendment Foundation president Richard Griffiths mentioned in an interview. “The public has the right to know the lottery is open and transparent.”

Griffiths mentioned the root will urge House contributors to “think it through.”

Lottery proceeds assist fund the state’s HOPE faculty scholarship program.

Senate lawmakers added an modification that does now not require winners to pay the state for prices related to maintaining their names personal. The bill to start with permits the state to gather as much as 4 % of the winnings for such prices. The bill’s lead sponsor, Sen. Steve Henson, D-Stone Mountain, mentioned Monday he believes such prices would be low.

Updated: February 6, 2018 — 6:36 pm

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