Gas station clerk finds lottery ticket worth $1 million, returns to owner

Gas station clerk finds lottery ticket worth $1 million, returns to owner

LINCOLN, Kansas — A Lincoln County, Kansas, guy is $1 million richer, thank you to a Salina fuel station worker. The lottery winner’s brother by accident dropped the profitable ticket at a fuel station over the weekend, ahead of the numbers have been checked.

The winner, who lives in Lincoln Co. and selected to stay nameless, advised lottery officers he was once speeding to pass watch the NCAA Tournament once they determined to prevent in Salina for fuel.

“My brother went in to check my tickets. He apparently dropped the unsigned Mega Millions ticket, and then we left to go back home,” the winner defined.

The Lottery mentioned the clerk’s response upon discovering the ticket: Call the shop’s owner to see if they might go back it. The retailer owner’s son went in to lend a hand to find the winner, so they might give it again.

“We had already been home for about an hour, and then went out and ran another errand. As we passed the store, the owner’s son pulled out behind us and flagged us down. He explained what happened and handed me the ticket, and I just couldn’t believe it!” the winner defined.

Despite native media makes an attempt to uncover which fuel station the Good Samaritan works at, the Kentucky Lottery is not announcing.

The profitable ticket was once if truth be told bought about 40 miles away in Lincoln, a the city of just a little greater than 1,200 other folks.

Katie Black is a clerk on the the city’s Mity Mart, the shop that if truth be told bought the million-dollar ticket.

“I am so excited for this person,” Black says of the massive winner. “I wish I knew who it was but they choose to stay anonymous and we really do respect that.”

As with maximum small cities, phrase travels rapid in Lincoln. Just about everybody within the close-knit neighborhood wonders who amongst them generally is a new millionaire.

“We’ve been racking our brains all morning thinking, ‘who have I sold a Mega Millions ticket to in the last week?'” Black says.

The comfort retailer in Lincoln would no longer be celebrating the sale with out the assistance of any other fuel station someplace in Salina.

And now fuel station staff in Salina need to know the way is at the back of the nice deed that made certain the owner of the profitable ticket will get his payday.

“It’s just nice to know there are still good Samaritans around, not just pure greed,” says Snak Atak clerk Shelly Thomas.

The Mity Mart will obtain a $1,000 bonus for promoting the ticket.

Updated: March 22, 2018 — 7:01 pm

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