Federal Road Safety Corps Officers Ranks in Nigeria: FRSC Recruitment

Federal Road Safety Corps Officers Ranks in Nigeria: FRSC Recruitment

Federal Road Safety Corps Officers Ranks in Nigeria: FRSC Recruitment 2018

FRSC Ranks in Nigeria – right here you are going to be enlightened at the positions which can be given to Federal Road Safety Corps, FRSC Recruitment 2018, FRSC Ranks in Nigeria.

If you need to sign up for the FRSC Agency in Nigeria, you will have to perceive that you’re going to learn to use on-line during the Official portal of FRSC Recruitment 2018; www.recruitment.frsc.gov.ng

For the sake of this write up, you are going to uncover the FRSC Ranks in Nigeria and this may increasingly will let you to grasp why you want to observe for his or her recruitment right here.

FRSC Ranks in Nigeria

The positions that you’ve got implemented will made up our minds the rank that can be given to you. In different phrases, FRSC Ranks in Nigeria is finished by means of eligibility and Academic that you simply possessed.

Note: there’s slow promotion in FRSC Ranks in Nigeria all the way through the process your paintings as a member of the Agency or Department.

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How to understand when to be promoted in FRSC

You can best be promoted whilst you abide at the FRSC Policy that can be given to you and likewise when you find yourself devoted all the way through your direction of labor.

Federal Road Safety Corps Ranks

The following are the Federal Road Safety Commission [FRSC] ranks for officials;


1 ARC Assistant Route Commander (Entry Point)
2 DRC Deputy Route Commander
three RC Route Commander
four SRC Superintendent Route Commander
five CRC Chief Route Commander
6 ACC Assistant Corps Commander
7 DCC Deputy Corps Commander
eight CC Corps Commander
nine ACM Assistant Corps Marshal
10 DCM Deputy Corps Marshal
11 CM Corps Marshal


1 Junior Marshals RMAIII Road Marshal Assistant III (Entry Point)
2 RMAII Road Marshal Assistant II
three RMAI Road Marshal Assistant I
four SRMA Senior Road Marshal Assistant
five DCRMA Deputy Chief Road Marshal Assistant
6 CRMA Chief Road Marshal Assistant
7 Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) MI-III Marshal Inspector III
eight MI-II Marshal Inspector II
nine MI-I Marshal Inspector I
10 Senior Non-Commissioned Officers (SNCOs) SMI Senior Marshal Inspector
11 PMI Principal Marshal Inspector
12 ACI Assistant Chief Inspector
13 DCI Deputy Chief Inspector
14 CI Chief Inspector




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