Does anyone know how to read the lottery pyramid squares?

Does anyone know how to read the lottery pyramid squares?

Okay.  I’ve been enjoying round with the 10 scale.  I know about sun quantity.   It’s not that i am positive in the seek the place to being to glance.   Lottery pyramids there aren’t any explicit tactics of taking a look at and no obligatory rule as to work out what to upload.    There are 99 numbers. 


I’ve even watched everett pierce youtube movies and in reality he is sensible in a few of them.  The PI numbers which I’m nonetheless attempting to work out.


I know about 26- 66-69 in the 10 scale.  The earlier draw plus the center sun quantity.  I keep in mind that so let’s assume you have got the 115  transfer 511 after which it will be conversion of 599.   I know about any other numbers.  Some of you could name them twins smartly I do not. 


mm used to be 01 11 37 47 51 mb  06


Okay then the 485 can be in the center.   Is there some way the place I will in finding out and read the quantity 6 on the subsequent line as a squared quantity?

Selling pieces and earning profits is my new lottery.

 We recognize your online business!!  Big Smile

I really like diagnosing and fixing issues for customers.  It makes my day higher.

Updated: June 19, 2018 — 4:37 am

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