divine proportion system for pick lottories

divine proportion system for pick lottories

u desire a calendar with moon cycles; calculator that calculates sq. root.. this system is according to divine numbers and root sums. 

divine proportion is according to sq. roots.. the ancients taught us that divine proportion is far and wide round us.. the blind outdated guy archimedes sez god is the divine quantity.. the basis sums are the basis of each and every amount. 

we do that system starting with a moon section.. we use th date in ascending from small to huge like this
Next moon section  is might 15 2018.. moon levels have nice affect on earth.. simply u call to mind tides. 

now root sum each and every 2 consecutive figures
five+eight=13 1+three=four

pick2 str8=36
pick3 str8=369
pick4 str8=3694
pick5 str8=36948 

play till subsequent moon cycle.. ie 7 days or the divine week..god made all these things in a single week together with his divine relaxation day.. thats why the blind outdated guy archimedes intercourse god is the divine quantity.. 

the following moon section  is May 22 2018.. ie 2252018.
i be offering no ensure to none.. its ur cash, ur respensible how u spend it….

Updated: May 14, 2018 — 9:39 pm

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