Converting an if statement to a macro loop!

Converting an if statement to a macro loop!

7 nine 18 20 36
four 10 22 28 31
7 12 17 19 28
four 7 16 17 28
10 22 25 27 38


Above is columns b thru f . 

Below is my if statement:





I did not know that excel has a restricted at the quantity of nested if statements.

Basically I would like to to find out if the numbers at the beginning row are in the similar place after they up to now gave the impression.  Place a 

0 for sure,  a one for no, and a take a look at if its now not inside vary.  I’d additionally like to be in a position to exchange the variability as opposed to beginning a new sheet within the workbook.

from checklist above  the third row in g thru okay 

zero   take a look at   1  take a look at   zero


Any lend a hand could be very much preferred.


Updated: January 22, 2020 — 10:34 pm

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