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Brazil Mega SenaBrazil Mega Sena is performed each Wednesday and Saturday night and provides avid gamers the risk to scoop fantastic successful prizes throughout 3 other successful tiers, the newest Mega Sena effects are displayed after the draw, with the successful quantity showing first, following by way of the breakdown as soon as it’s been made to be had. Mega Sena may be identified for its spectacular jackpots and secondary prizes that are paid out to winner’s tax loose, so in case you are fascinating in participating on this bizarre sport journey cross and Buy your Mega Sena lottery tickets and ensure your lifestyles converting jackpot.  This  lottery includes a distinctive drawing structure and a unique annual tremendous draw (Mega da Virada). It has been running since 1961, channeling a part of the income to charitable methods for social and cultural construction.

How to play Mega Sena

Lotto avid gamers might guess within the vary of 6 to 12 numbers, out of 60, and matching four, 5 – 6 issues will grant them a prize. The probabilities of successful the most important prize when striking a minimal guess are 1 in 50,063,860. Mega-Sena avid gamers too can make a choice to play a “Surpresinha” access, which is able to generate their numbers randomly. They too can choose to go into those numbers for two, four or eight consecutive attracts prematurely and / or compete with the similar guess by way of 2, four or eight consecutive contests (“Teimosinha”). There also are reputable syndicates (“Bolão“) by the Caixa. These syndicates allow you to create a larger bet and share it between your family and / or friends in various share amounts / fractions (“cotas”). The minimal selection of individuals within the syndicate may also be between 2 and 100.

The successful numbers for the remaining drawing are 1,6,23,26,39,49 and the jackpot quantity R$54,961,341.

Divisions Match Payout in keeping with Winner
1 Prize 6 No Winners
2 Prize five R$ 40,927.21
three Prize four R$ 704.14

Brazil – Mega Sena Prize Breakdown


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Updated: June 3, 2019 — 5:23 pm

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