BOGO – Buy One Get One free

BOGO – Buy One Get One free

Hello everybody,

I’ve been a very long time reader of Lottery Post however made up our minds to check in and submit one thing that came about to me as of late whilst purchasing my lottery tickets.  This morning I requested the clerk for some money four tickets along side a Mega Million for this night and a Powerball for day after today.  After giving me the money four tickets, he went again to the lottery system and revealed me my Mega Million and Powerball tickets.  I heard the system make the sound as though it had revealed off three tickets as an alternative of simply the two, understanding infrequently that the clerks can hit the incorrect button and any other price tag will also be revealed by way of mistake, I instructed him that if a 3rd price tag have been revealed that I might purchase it without reference to what it was once.  He than knowledgeable me that there was once no different price tag and simply passed me the 1 Mega Million and 1 Powerball price tag.  I paid him and was once going to depart however one thing simply did not really feel fairly proper.  There was once a transparent glass case the place they saved the scratch off tickets in entrance of the lottery price tag system so I may just see the lottery price tag system in the course of the glass case and I spotted   Powerball price tag was once laying subsequent to the system on a stack of the ones BOGO – purchase one get one free coupons that the lottery give to shops in order that they may be able to move alongside to the shoppers.  I than requested the clerk to turn me that price tag that was once laying to the aspect and he did.  Guess what?  It was once the Free price tag that was once revealed out after I had purchased my Powerball price tag. It obviously have been revealed out with the price tag I had simply purchased as it stated free and the timestamp was once a 2nd after the one who I had simply purchased.  I instructed him that belongs to me since I had paid my $2.00, he reluctantly gave it to me and I left. He maximum certainly was once going to stay my free price tag.  I’m wondering how time and again that has came about prior to the place shoppers are paying for the tickets and those retailer clerks are the use of the bogo’s with out them understanding and conserving the free price tag that are supposed to rightly cross to the client.

Updated: December 20, 2017 — 3:10 am

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