9 Ridiculous things to do after winning the lottery

9 Ridiculous things to do after winning the lottery

9 Ridiculous things to do after winning the lottery

9 Ridiculous things to do after winning the lottery .Money can’t purchase happiness, but it surely certain should buy a number of different things. Here’s an inventory of a few ridiculous things to do in the event you win giant:

  1. Start your personal sports activities crew.

But now not the native grownup league that everybody at paintings is pressured to sign up for. An precise respectable sports activities crew, like the Yankees, however possibly title it one thing a laugh like the dummies or the popcorn, simply because you’ll be able to.

  1. Buy a aircraft and fly round the global.

Go to each position you’ve ever sought after to seek advice from. Maybe even the puts you by no means sought after to seek advice from, simply to stay an open thoughts about things.

  1. Build a on line casino in Las Vegas and title it after your self.

Mainly so conversations round the global may just pass like this, “Hey guys, want to go to Vegas for the weekend?” “Sure, where should we stay?” “The Bilas.” Of path, you’d insert your title, now not mine.

  1. Buy a personal island.

And invite everybody you already know (the ones you prefer) to holiday there. Of path, you’ll want to rent somebody to do the scheduling. If there are too many of us there immediately, it simply becomes an island. Not a personal island.

  1. Buy a snow system and annually give a brand new town a white Christmas.

You will have to make a selection towns with heat climates, or else it’d most certainly be an offended and snowed-in Christmas for everybody.

  1. Build a water slide inside of your own home.

Because why now not? Warning: you’re going to get rainy.

  1. Put an ATM on your kitchen.

When you could have some huge cash, it’s simple to spend some huge cash. So, why now not have an all-access go to your cash?

  1. Build an underground luxurious panic room.

But it’ll be extra like a panic apartment. You know, for apocalypses, hostage scenarios, terrorist assaults, herbal screw ups and conceal and search.

  1. Build an emergency room in your home.

So you by no means die! And by no means have to wait in line or maintain insurance coverage firms.

All of those things would completely make you glad, a minimum of for some time. So, possibly Money does purchase happiness after all? Temporary happiness continues to be happiness.

Updated: November 4, 2019 — 1:19 pm

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