$1.5 million lottery ticket spent five weeks on the fridge

$1.five million lottery ticket spent five weeks on the fridge

An Australian guy who gained a $1.five million lottery prize stated the ticket spent five weeks caught to his fridge door prior to he came upon he used to be a winner.

The Katherine, Northern Territory, guy instructed officers he purchased a 50-game QuickPick access for the May five TattsLotto drawing at Katherine Exposure Photographics and he later heard any individual in the space had gained, however he did not even believe that it may well be him.

“I had the ticket on the fridge at home the whole time,” the guy stated.

He stated the ticket used to be on his fridge door for approximately five weeks prior to he took it down to test the profitable numbers for the drawing: 34, 28, 22, 42, and 45.

“I downloaded the results online and I started going through the ticket and then I saw I had all six numbers in a row,” he stated. “I only realized how much the prize was today — I wasn’t sure if that prize was shared or whether I got that full amount.”

The winner gained $1.five million after splitting the jackpot with one different winner.

“Some of it will get used on things we need, but the rest will make a nice little nest egg for our future,” he stated. “The win won’t stop me from entering TattsLotto again. I’ll definitely hold onto these winning numbers!”

Updated: June 13, 2018 — 5:46 am

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